Agent Benefits

Sales Incentives

We understand that leads convert to sales and the more qualified the leads, the higher the conversion rate. At Secure Life Financial, we have invested millions of dollars in effective advertising through our coop programs for agents and have a proven strategy to generate effective leads. This lead program is awarded to producers that qualify.

In addition to the bonus programs our agents can qualify for all expenses paid conventions, exotic trips and cruises.

Incentives & Bonuses

Commissions to help build a future

Due to our high volume of production we are able to pay the highest commissions available to insurance agents in the market.

We have the most competitive bonuses and payment structure in the industry. We have monthly and annual bonus programs that are simple to understand and more importantly, simple for agents to achieve. We set reasonable goals for different levels of production that keep our agents motivated.

Bonuses and incentives that range from thousands of dollars in cash to thousands of dollars in trips and gifts!